Minor Player Confirms Internet Rumors, Spills DARK KNIGHT RISES Secret

Because of the nature of this article, it should be stated that there are potential spoilers ahead [...]

Because of the nature of this article, it should be stated that there are potential spoilers ahead for Christopher Nolan's upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises. While the degree to which they're spoilers are somewhat debatable, those who wish to know nothing at all about the film prior to walking into the cinema certainly should go. Not long ago, a child actress was cast to play what many presumed to be a younger version of Marion Cotillard's character from The Dark Knight Rises in a flashback sequence. At the time, there was no confirmation of either that fact, or the identity of the character that the then 12-year-old Joey King would be portraying in the much-anticipated Batman sequel. This week, however, King gave an interview to Canadian movie website My Entertainment World in which the teen promptly blew the lid off all the speculation. "I play young Talia Al Ghul," the actress said before telling the interviewer that she cannot say anything much because she had promised Nolan she wouldn't. That alone, though, was enough information to get the story covered on MTV's Splash Page, UGO and many other entertainment sites. There have been persistent rumors that Cotillard's character--credited on IMDb as Miranda Tate, would in fact be Talia. Combined with the earlier speculation that King was playing a young Cotillard, this seems to confirm not only that Cotillard will play Talia but that Ra's and Talia al Ghul will have some connection to Bane, the film's central villain and, to date, most promoted character. Bane has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Ra's and Talia in the comics, beginning in the Chuck Dixon's Bane of the Demon miniseries in which the trio teamed up against Batman. After Batman Begins, as Talia's influence in the DC Universe grew, she and Bane interacted somewhat more frequently during Gail Simone's fan-favorite run on Secret Six. Now, with that mystery (presumably) solved, it's onto whether or not "Officer John Blake" is a real thing...!