Multiversal March Madness: DC's Tangent Universe Vs. Jack Kirby's Kamandi


ComicBook.Com's Multiversal March Madness continues! Though DC and Marvel Comics are breaking the piggy bank on their endless realities with events Convergence and Secret Wars later this spring, the bracket fever from the NCAA March Madness has our minds stuck on the tournament style crossover event. 

Like we explained in our opening post (where you can vote on different battles), we're leaving to you to choose the winners in our own cross-company tournament. We're in throwing in a nifty secret prize for the players with a winning bracket. But enough chit-chat. It's time to get in the super-powered paint with the first round's combatants. 

Jack Kirby's Kamandi Universe Vs. The Tangent Universe

Jack Kirby's Kamandi Universe 

Stats: Following a Great Disaster, the last boy on earth had to spend his days struggling to survive against an onslaught of mutants, monsters and humanoid animals.

Strengths: Jack.Freaking. Kirby.

Weaknesses: There simply aren't that many metahumans in the world of Kamandi who aren't throwaway fighters.

The Tangent Universe

Stats: In the '90s, writers Dan Jurgens and Ron Marz reimagined the entire DC Universe, using nothing but the characters' names as inspiration. In this new universe, DC introduced entirely new histories, mythologies, powers and personalities for their biggest characters. 

Strengths: A fascinating world full of powerful characters both good and evil, this is a world that's stood toe-to-toe with the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe.


Weaknesses: Not even the DC Universe could prepare Tangent for Jack Kirby's unstoppable might. 

Will the King's creations survive The Tangent Universe, or will it be another Great Disaster for Kamandi? Decide in the poll below!