NBC's Community Renewed For Fourth Season

Cool. Cool, cool, cool. Community, the fan-favorite show that has been on the cancellation bubble more or less since it launched, has been renewed by NBC for a fourth season. Only two more seasons and a movie to go for Abed to get his dream. Actually, Abed's dream also came one step closer to coming true today, as ABC's Cougar Town--the pop-culture junky's favorite TV show this side of Inspector Spacetime--was also renewed today for a fourth season. The rights were sold to TBS, meaning that if it can retain anything close to its current ratings it would go from a disappointment to a bona fide hit in making the jump from primetime network TV to cable. Community's fourth season is a short one--only thirteen episodes--although fellow NBC underdog show Chuck got small orders that were expanded to full seasons at least once. It's a nice vote of confidence from a network who are struggling to show some loyalty to their showrunners and the very vocal fans who have been fighting to keep Community on the air. Other genre shows just announced for pickups next year include Once Upon a Time and Grimm.