NBC's Revolution: Mysteries Will Be Solved Quickly


In spite of J.J. Abrams' name over the banner, Revolution--NBC's upcoming drama about a world where electricity is suddenly cut, plunging the industrialized world into a chaotic wasteland where people have to learn to live totally differently--will answer its mysteries sooner than later, promises show co-creator Eric Kripke, best known for The CW's Supernatural. "I'm not a fan of endless mystery in storytelling," Kripke told TV Guide. "I like solid, aggressive red-blooded storytelling. I like to know where the mythology is going. I like to get there in an exciting fast-paced way... and pay off mystery and reward the audiences' loyalty. You can answer questions and ask new ones." The story will plunge viewers into the deep end, with the backstory of the apolcayptic event told in flashbacks, according to the article. Iron Man director Jon Favreau, who produces the series and directed the pilot episode, chimed in that "While there's an underlying mystery... we still want to make it about the people and the emotion." "It's a really compelling what-if," said Kripke. "What would happen if we all live without electricity in this technologically over-extended world of ours? This epic journey is how can we save the world and get the lights back on. That's a part of it, but for me it's a really fun epic saga... It's intensely character driven... [with people] who are all just struggling to come together against incredible diversity." Revolution is filming right now in North Carolina. The series premieres Monday, Sept. 17 at 10/9c on NBC.