New Man of Steel Viral Site Launches--With Clues For Batman vs. Superman?


A new website purporting to be an informational resource about Kryptonians, their biology and culture has launched just in time for the November 12 Blu-ray release of Man of Steel.

The question, of course, is whether the site will remain online after the home video release is no longer a new thing, perhaps acting as a viral site for Batman vs. Superman.

Featuring videos and images that describe Krypton's culture, the site purports to use research from LexCorp and S.T.A.R. Labs, suggesting that both of those recognizable DC Comics entities may show up, either on the Blu-ray's special features or in Batman vs. Superman (or both).

kryptonian-dropship-lexcorpLearn About Krypton currently hosts a number of videos at their "Planet Krypton" headline.

In what's likely to become a key plot point in the future films, the faux documentary reveals that a functional Kryptonian craft and a number of weapons were discovered by the U.S. military following the events of Man of Steel. This seems to support the theory some fans have espoused that it would be reverse-engineeering Kryptonian technology that would open the door for anything from Lex Luthor's suit of combat armor, to Bizarro and Metallo.

"Sources close to both the military and DARPA have indicated that the various weapons seem to be made from a microcosm of the materials from the planet," says the narrator. That certainly sounds like it could lend itself to Kryptonite, no?

Oh, and what else did they say about it?


"It has the appearance of a shiny beetle and is very sleek and agile."

...Well, we can dream, can't we?