Maple Oreos Are Soon to Be a Thing

(Photo: Nabisco)

As the calendar inches closer to fall, the team at Nabisco is prepared to go all-out celebrating. In fact, new reports suggest the confectioner is in the process of rolling out Maple Creme OREOs to help bring in the season. According to Bustle, Walmart had a listing for the new cookies on their website, though the paid has since been deleted. All signs are pointing to the cookies hitting shelves later this month.

It's not too surprising that the flavors are getting a limited-time release as the flavored had been previously confirmed by Nabisco earlier in the year. As early as April, junk food blog shared a picture of the packaging teasing the cookie's arrival later this year.

Instead of using the standard chocolate cookie found any many OREOs flavors, it looks like the Maple Creme cookies will be using the Golden OREO cookie with scrumptious maple-flavored creme sandwiched in the middle.

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