New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Passes the Torch on N7 Day

(Photo: BioWare)

Today is affectionately known as "N7 Day" for Mass Effect fans, referring to the November 7 date and the N7 soldier training program from the game's universe. Well, luckily, BioWare loves their fans, and released a brand-new trailer for the next chapter in the series, the currently undated Mass Effect: Andromeda. And it is chock full of fun for fans, especially us #FemShep players.

The trailer, narrated by female Shepard voice actress Jennifer Hale, seems like it's a passing of the torch. We already knew that Commander Shepard wouldn't be the protagonist of the new game, as it takes human exploration farther than ever before. The speech seems to be a farewell speech to those going on the journey, specifically the player character.

The ship the player will be using also seems to be revealed here, and it is very interesting, sharing some similarities with the Citadel and Reaper tech.

Watch the video above a few times, then go play Mass Effect 2 again because it's probably the best game ever. BioWare's Michael Gamble also hinted that there may be some secrets buried in there.