New Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Trailer Released

Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting an all-new character-driven 'BioWare Style' expansion pack, [...]


Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting an all-new character-driven "BioWare Style" expansion pack, entitled "Knights of the Fallen Empire." As announced at EA's E3 2015 presentation this year, the game arrives October 27 and is a free download for any subscriber to the game. BioWare promises new characters, new companions, and a never-before-seen look at the world of the Old Republic.

Two brothers appear in Blur Studios' debut trailer, one dressed in white, one in black. We see Jedi, Sith, Republic Commandos alike all falling to their blades. One of these boys is Arcann, a "Dark Prince" who believes that "Destiny is a lie." We have the trailer in full here:

The game casts you as The Outlander, an instantly level 60 character, and a veteran of the Great Galactic War. The Outlander will recruit a team of allies that include existing characters from the game, not just the new ones. Each of the 8 classes is represented here, too, so your Outlander can feel like your favorite current character. The other bomb they dropped is that this is just Chapter 1 of this tale, and the story will continue "on a regular basis."

A second trailer was released later by BioWare that gives more details into the story:

If you subscribe between July 31st and October 19th, you will not only get the Epic Story XP boost, but also get early access to "Knights of the Fallen Empire," jumping in a week early.

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