Nintendo Reveals the Poisonous Salandit for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

The Alola region's Pokedex just got a little bigger. Nintendo dropped a surprise trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon this morning, revealing a new Pokemon. Salandit is the first ever Poison/Fire Pokemon and comes with a unique ability. Salandit can poison any Pokemon, even those with natural type resistances to poisoning. That means that even Steel and Poison types can be poisoned thanks to Salandit's Corrosion ability. Junichi Masuda, the composer of the iconic Pokemon theme songs and director of several Pokemon games, announced Salandit at the Japan Expo in France.

Salandit resembles a small crocodile, although its name and typing suggests that it's based off a salamander. Salamanders are often associated with elemental fire, even though they're naturally amphibians. Salamanders are also naturally poisonous. Per the Pokemon Sun and Moon site, Salandit releases toxic gases and flames from the base of its tail. Female Salandits also have special pheromones that can control other Pokemon.


It's been a big July for Pokemon, with several big announcements. Last week, Nintendo revealed seven other new Pokemon and revealed the English names for two Pokemon previously announced in Japan. Over the weekend, the Pokemon Company had its big US Nationals Tournament for both the Pokemon video game and trading card weeks. And earlier this week, Nintendo and Niantic released Pokemon GO, an augmented reality mobile app,for the United States, Australia and New Zealand.