Olaf Will Not Be In Once Upon A Time Frozen Storyline

Despite his wild popularity in the animated feature film, Olaf the Snowman will not appear in the Once Upon a Time storyline that deals with characters from the world of Disney's FrozenEntertainment Weekly reveals in this week's Comic Con-themed issue.

"His story in the movie is so beautiful, the story we want to tell doesn't involve trying to expand upon that, nor do we think it shoud," said showrunner Adam Horowitz.

The feminist undertones (and a rebuttal of same from feminists who didn't like it) of Frozen were a dominant conversation when the movie was in theaters, and one reason for that was that it didn't dwell particularly on the romantic plot, leaving Elsa to be a hero and worry about hooking up after the fact (because it's Hollywood, and everyone has to hook up). That will be played similarly in Once Upon a Time, where the character will have no love interest. It's been said in previous interviews that this story takes place after the events of Frozen's story, so it's distinctly possible audiences are meant to infer that she already has the romantic element of her happily-ever-after waiting at home.

Also not present? Any musical elements -- which isn't particularly surprising when you consider that many of the characters and concepts from Once Upon a Time would have been musical if they were done straight as a Disney movie, whereas theyre played as a fairly straight TV drama here.

Once Upon a Time's next season launches in the fall, but don't be surprised to learn much more about the Frozen-infused season at Comic Con International: San Diego next week.