Original Green Ranger Comments on Power/Rangers Fan Film


A few days ago, Producer Adi Shankar and director Joseph Kahn released a dark and gritty Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan film, which starred Katee Sackhoff and  James Van Der Beek. Everyone under the sun has been sharing their opinion of it, but we haven't heard from an original cast member, until now.

Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger (later became White Ranger) on the live-action television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, has posted a video on his facebook page in which he shares his views on the R-rated fan film. He says he was approached to be in it at one point, but declined. He also didn't really care for the finished product as he would rather see the Power Rangers material be more kid-friendly like it was originally intended. 

You can watch and listen to his response in the video below. You can also view the fan film at the bottom of the page if you happened to miss it.


Do you agree or disagree with Jason David Frank's comments regarding the Power Rangers fan film?