Our Favorite Ugly Christmas Sweaters

For reasons unknown, it's somehow become extremely hip to wear ugly Christmas sweaters that, five [...]

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For reasons unknown, it's somehow become extremely hip to wear ugly Christmas sweaters that, five years ago, not even your grandmother would have worn. Irony knows no limits. But, out of this ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon has come another opportunity for fan boys and girls to show their love for all things nerd culture. After all, the only thing more ironically lame than an ugly Christmas sweater is an ugly Christmas sweater with Batman on it.

As you travel over galaxies far, far away and through infinite earths to Grandmother's house, add some geek flair to your family's Yuletide cheer with these Comic-Con-ready Christmas sweaters.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Leave it to the Ninja Turtles to put a little cowabunga in anybodies Christmas. And while your at it, start a new tradition this year and try Christmas goose pizza. The turtles would love it.

World's Finest Christmas


While the rest of the world is ready to see the two DC icons tear each other's throats out in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, use this sweater to call a brief Christmas truce. If they could do it in WWII, you can do it here.

Chimichangas for Christmas


The Merc With A Mouth also has plenty of Yuletide cheer. Or didn't the argyle pattern give it away?

Merry Sith-Mas


If you find your family's lack of faith in Santa Claus disturbing, throw on this sweater to make true believers out of them. It's either that, or trying to force-choke them.

Thundercats, Ho ho ho!


We're not sure if they celebrate Christmas on the planet Thundera, but if they do, we hope they'd appreciate the best piece of Christmas and geek wordplay since, well, ever.

A Very Kryptonian Christmas

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 3.06.47 PM

Superman could probably deliver Santa's presents in half the time it would take St. Nick anyway. Kryptonian physiology trumps Christmas magic any day.

The Caped Caroler


Just in case anyone forgets how the song goes. And it comes with a visual aid!

Nutcrackers In Disguise


While we'd rather these Transformers morph into luxury sports cars and 18-wheelers, a nut-cracker isn't such a bad consolation…right?

Silent Night, Fight Night


While there a many ugly Christmas sweaters out there, this Ken Vs. Ryu sweater will deliver a KO to all the competition. No matter who loses in this festive fight, your Christmas still wins.