Patton Oswalt Praises Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor Via Twitter

In an instance of social media crossing of the streams, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’S Patton Oswalt spent some time on Twitter today talking about Gotham, and praising the show's Penguin, Robin Lord Taylor, in particular.

Oswalt began by simply discussing the show, noting that he felt the top notch cast was not being used to their full potential. Then he tweeted at Taylor, noting that his portrayal of The Penguin was particularly inspired. Oswalt goes so far as to say the show would be better off if it made The Penguin the series' primary point of view character, and that Taylor's performance is strong enough for DC Comics to retool The Penguin's origin to match it.

You can check out Oswalt’s tweets below:


Gotham airs Monday nights on Fox.