Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Might Be A Soft Reboot


When Captain Jack Sparrow sets sail in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, he and the audience may be heading into uncharted waters.

That’s because, according to Orlando Bloom, the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie might be a soft reboot. In an interview with IGN, the actor, who played Will Turner in the first three Pirates of Caribbean films, said that Disney is considering an overhaul of the franchise, and that he might just return for it. 

“I’m not entirely sure that [I'll be back] just yet, but there are talks," Bloom told IGN. "Basically they want to reboot the whole franchise, I think, and do something with me and the relationship with my son.”

Based off of Bloom’s comments, it seems unclear just how hard this reboot would be. Since Bloom mentioned that he would potentially revisit his character as the current continuity left him in Pirate of the Caribbean: At World’s End, it seems that Disney couldn't make too many changes to the franchise.

"I’m of course Davey Jones now, so I’m down the bottom of the ocean, Bloom elaborated. “It might be kind of fun to do something where I’m rumbling round the bottom of the ocean, because I won’t look anything like me.”


All that’s for certain is Dead Men Tell No Tales will see Johnny Depp return as Captain Jack Sparrow, and Joachim Ronning & Espen Sandberg co-direct. Javier Bardem is rumored to play the film’s new villain, and Geoffrey Rush is rumored to return as Hector Barbossa.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales begins shooting early next year for a July 2017 release.