Platinum Grit Jumping From Web To Print


Image Comics' Shadowline imprint has announced that they will be bringing the hit web comic Platinum Grit to print. Platinum Grit originally started as a sci-fi web comic by illustrator/writer Trudy Cooper and co-writer Danny Murphy. "Platinum Grit being published by Shadowline is a dream come true for me," Shadowline Editor Kristen Simon said. "I've been a fan of the web comic for many years now and was thrilled when we were able to bring it over to Shadowline's website as well. Publisher Jim Valentino enjoyed it so much he agreed we needed to print the collections! Fellow fans of Platinum Grit are going to be very happy with this edition." Platinum Grit Vol. 1 will collect the first five chapters of the web comic series. In the series, the fearless Nils and the timid-but-still-surprisingly-together Jeremy take on the Zodiac (they win), Jer's insane Scottish relatives (they sort of win) a 1940s private dick (they draw when poor light stops play) and two sets of alien matchmakers (they... almost). Platinum Grit Vol. 1 will be a 184-page trade paperback in black & white. The paperback will have a suggested retail of $14.99 and schedule to arrive in stores on March 11th, 2009.