Pokemon: Eevee Coming to Build-A-Bear Workshops

Build-A-Bear Workshop is adding a new Pokemon for shoppers to purchase, dress up, and collect. [...]

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Build-A-Bear Workshop is adding a new Pokemon for shoppers to purchase, dress up, and collect. According to the fan site Pokeshopper, Eevee will be available at Build-A-Bear Workshop locations beginning September 1st. Images of the new Pokemon plush appeared online over the weekend, showing Eevee wearing two different styles of hoodies, including one that features the faces of its various evolutions.

Eevee is one of the original 150 Pokemon and has remained enduringly popular among Pokemon fans over the years. In addition to being named one of the "Top Ten" cutest video game characters of all time, Eevee has been used in multiple Japanese lines of merchandise, often wearing outfits based on its different "Eeveelutions". Eevee's cuteness and ability to evolve into multiple types of Pokemon make it a natural fit for the Build-A-Bear franchise.

Build-A-Bear has over 400 stores worldwide and offers a variety of plush toys, including toys that buyers can stuff and dress themselves. The store first got into the Pokemon business last year, when the company released a Pikachu plush with two different outfits, a Charizard costume and an outfit based on a PokeBall. The company later added a t-shirt with Pokemon's 20th Anniversary logo on it. An online version of the Pikachu Build-A-Bear plush also came with a soundpiece that played various Pikachu noises and a special Pokemon Trading Card.

It appears that the new Eevee plush will have a similar purchase options to Build-A-Bear's Pikachu. Fans can either buy a pre-stuffed Eevee online that comes with an exclusive Pokemon Trading Card and outfit or purchase the Eevee plush with an optional outfit in stores.

There's no word on how much the Build-A-Bear Eevee will cost, but Build-A-Bear's Pikachu costs $28 to purchase on its own or $60 for the full "web exclusive" set. While it's likely that Build-A-Bear's Eevee will be a bit more expensive than other Eevee plushes out there (a 6 and 1/2 inch Eevee plush is currently available for $13 at Pokemon's online store), it's likely that this Eevee will be larger and cuddlier than the standard Pokemon plush.