Pokemon Go is Live in Germany


Pokemon Go's worldwide rollout continues. According to multiple sources, including the Pokemon fan site Serebii, the game is now available for download from Germany's Apple App and Google Play Stores.

Pokemon Go was released in the United States last week, but the game suffered from daily server crashes due to overwhelming traffic from the millions of players trying to play. Niantic announced that their international release plans for Pokemon Go had been delayed until they addressed the server issues.

Of course, that hasn't stopped some fans outside the United States, Australia and New Zealand from getting Pokemon Go early. Many international Pokemon players downloaded the game via APK websites or by setting up an Apple ID.

Many European fans are hopeful that a German release of Pokemon Go means that the rest of Europe is on the way. The game is also still unavailable in Japan, China and other Asian nations.


Pokemon Go is currently the number one app on the Apple App store and has been downloaded more than ten million times on the Google Play Store.