Pokemon GO Servers Crash For Third Straight Day

(Photo: Nintendo)

The Pokemon GO servers are down once again. Users started reporting game issues around 11:45 AM, which quickly escalated into a full blown server crash around 12 PM EDT. The crashes seem to correspond nicely to the East Coast's lunch break, when more players hop onto the game while walking to lunch.

Pokemon GO has been plagued with server issues when the game first launched on Wednesday. When the game soft launched in Australia, fans quickly overloaded the server (probably due to the number of non-Australian fans who found a way around the geographic limits). The servers then crashed Wednesday night shortly after the game was released and then went down for the better part of a day on Thursday. While service was partially restored Thursday night, many players complained about being unable to log into via their Trainer's Club accounts due to the Pokemon Company's database going down for maintenance. Fans are growing even more impatient with the outages due to Niantic Labs (the developer of Pokemon GO) refusing to acknowledge the problem save for a message that's been posted on their website since yesterday.


Pokemon GO is the number one app in the US, and Nintendo's stock surged 9% this morning because of the app's strong performance. Of course, Pokemon GO's popularity could be negatively affected if the server outages continue, so let's hope Nintendo is bolstering its server power by any means available.