Pokemon GO Stampede Leads NYPD To Issue Safety Guidelines

pokemon go nypd
(Photo: NYPD)

A month ago, the biggest worry locals and tourists alike had to carry when they walked through New York’s Central Park was being mugged or harrassed. Now, it seems like impromptu Pokemon GO stampedes are an actual threat for park goers. Last week, video captured tons of trainers flooding Central Park in their rush to catch a wild Vaporeon, and since then, the NYPD has released safety guidelines to help gamers avoid potential trouble.

The official NYPD Twitter uploaded an infographic which addressed Pokemon GO users. The image shares safety tips for gamers and reminds trainers to be alert and to avoid trespassing onto restricted property. The post was uploaded along with a brief message which reads, “#PokémonGo Let's stay alert out there! Be careful when you try & #CatchEmAll #CentralPark closes at 1am #Mew #NYC.”

The guidelines also remind players to refrain from playing the app while they’re driving, something which should be a no-brainer. The video taken of last week’s Pokemon GO stampede showed one or two drivers going so far as to abandon their idling cars as they attempted to catch the Eevee evolution. When it comes down to it, it seems like the NYPD would prefer players to avoid using the app at all if they’re in their vehicles.

The NYPD included a short but enthusiastic message for NYC trainers as they wrote, “Have fun AND stay safe. Good luck in your quest, and happy hatching, trapping, and training at the Pokemon Gym.”


As Pokemon GO just went live in 27 countries over the past weekend, the game only continues to grow in popularity. Pokemon GO already stands as the biggest mobile app in history, but of course, the game has not come without its fair share of controversial news. Trainers have stumbled across dead bodies, been shot at, and even arrested while playing the wildly popular game.

Really, it’s a surprise that the NYPD hasn’t addressed the app's potential dangers prior to last week’s sudden pokemon panic. After all, no Vaporeon is ever worth being run over for.