President Barack Obama To Appear In Youngblood Comic Book

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continues to make his rounds in the comic book world. After visiting with Savage Dragon and Spider-Man, President Barack Obama will be making his next appearance in Youngblood. Youngblood is a superhero team comic book published by Image Comics, which is the same publisher behind the Savage Dragon comic book. Barack Obama will appear in a six-page back-up story, which is written and illustrated by Rob Liefeld, in Youngblood #8. In the story, President Barack Obama will make his first major superhero-related initiative public. Obama will begin his term as America's 44th President by actually selecting the next line-up for the Youngblood team. In recent issues of the Youngblood comic book, the creative team of Joe Casey and Derec Donovan had made some radical changes to the team. The six page story in Youngblood #8 actually leads into Youngblood #9, in which Youngblood creator Rob Liefeld returns to the comic full-time. In Youngblood #9, the White House comes under attack, and President Barack Obama once again plays a role in the story. "Obama re-instating the Youngblood program with his picks is a natural, with Savage Dragon having featured Obama already," Liefeld said. "And with Youngblood having featured George H. Bush in its past as well as a Saddam Hussein styled guy and Youngblood featured alongside Dan Quayle in WILDC.A.Ts and Bill Clinton in Supreme, Image has a long history of involving presidential figures!" Youngblood #8 is scheduled to hit comic book stores in February 2009. The full comic is 32 pages long and has a suggested retail price of $2.99.