President Obama Thanks The Mythbusters On Farewell Episode


With the Mythbusters team winding down after their 248th episode, it was time for people to show their thanks to a show that has blown people's minds for 14 years.

In the final episode, the crew does its best to go out with a bang by blowing up an RV and filling a Cement Truck with 5000 pounds of ANFO, among a few other things. After the dust settles, there will be a reunion special for the team, allowing some of their biggest fans to let them know how much they've meant, including President Obama. In his message he thanks the Mythbusters team not only for showing what can be done through math and science, but also for proving that America landed on the moon.

I am a big fan of the Mythbusters. I've even had them over to the White House a few times. Now come to think of it they never let me blow anything up, but I'm still going to miss you. I'm grateful for the time that yes they proved that America did actually land on the moon, and for the time they came to the White House to debunk the Archimides solar ray. That was fun. So after more than 1000 myths tested, after more than 900 explosions, after 83 miles of duct tape, I just want to say thank you to Adam, Jamie, Kari, Tory, Grant, and all of the Mythbusters team for entertaining us these 14 years. More importantly thank you for inspiring so many of our young people to ask the big questions about our world and to seek the answers through math, science, and engineering. It's going to make a real difference to America's future, I promise you. We'll be better off because of you, but the secret service will rest easier without you on our south lawn. Congratulations on a great run.

Very kind words, and you can tell the team felt it, as Kari gets a little misty eyed during the message. The show will be missed, but you can catch their last outing on Discover this Saturday at 8 pm.


via Entertainment Weekly