Robbie Amell Teases Ridiculous Look For Firestorm In The Flash

In an interview with Access Hollywood, conducted over the weekend at a screening for [...]

In an interview with Access Hollywood, conducted over the weekend at a screening for the Arrow/The Flash crossover event, The Flash's Robbie Amell told a reporter that the next time fans see Ronnie "Firestorm" Raymond, he'll look "ridiculous."

Before anybody gets too worried, though, check out the actual  quote and circle back with us for a touch of analysis.

"Alive, and looking like all hell broke loose. I look ridiculous when you see me next. Most people probably won't even recognize me for a couple of seconds when my character returns -- but you'll know it's Firestorm shortly after."

That certainly seems to suggest that it won't be Firestorm that looks ridiculous, but Ronnie Raymond, before he reveals his powers. That he's Firestorm "shortly after" may mean that he just looks like a character who was blown up and then spent a year (which is how long it's been at this point, since the reactor explosion happened last December) without S.T.A.R. Labs helping him cope like Barry has had.

"It was horrible. I hate wearing wigs," Amell continued. "My fiancee shoots a show where she has leukemia and she's in bald caps all the time. She's such a trooper and she doesn't complain. I had to wear a wig for a couple of hours and I thought it was the worst day of my life."

So...he was wearing a wig, and only for a day. 

That doesn't sound like the long-term wardrobe of a character whose defining characteristic is that his head is on fire. That sounds more like Ronnie waking up from a coma, or discovering his powers, or being a wandering amnesiac (earlier interviews have implied he won't really remember who he is at first). And that it will likely be resolved when Caitlin finds him in the midseason finale (also confirmed by the official synopsis, hence the question here on the red carpet).

...Or maybe he's just talking about puffy sleeves. It could happen.

The Flash is back tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT with an extended preview of next week's Arrow/The Flash crossover.