Robert Downey Jr. Got Chills From Avengers: Age Of Ultron's Last Script Page

In a new interview with ColliderAvengers: Age of Ultron star Robert Downey, Jr. explained that he's "a very tolerant consumer" of big, splashy action movies in spite of how flooded the market is becoming with superhero films.

With all the sequels, prequels, spinoffs and competition Marvel is facing, he said, the films themselves still have the ability to be affecting -- so much so that he got chills reading the Age of Ultron script:

I love these kinds of movies. So I feel like I’m just a very tolerant kind of consumer with these things, but I also feel like the half-life of – if you noticed just how flooded the market is becoming and likely to become potentially even more so – I think that there has to be a bit of a transcendence of formula. And so without giving too much away I think, and why I generally just kind of like stamped it when the first draft came in, is because I thought, “Oh wow, it didn’t fall into that trap.” And I read the last page and I got chills for a reason I definitely can’t explain. [Laughs] But there’s a lot of new talent coming in, with Aaron Taylor Johnson and obviously Lizzie Olsen. Just even seeing Paul Bettany within a thousand miles of the set where we’re shooting is just like, “Wow. This is going to be really cool.”

What could be on the last page that he couldn't get into?

Well, a few things. There have been rumors for some time that the lineup would change by the end of the film, with some major characters no longer part of the team ahead of Avengers 3. Yesterday, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige implied that's probably true.


There's also the aspect of Civil War, the comic book storyline that pitted hero against hero, divided along ideological lines led by Captain America and Iron Man. That story is rumored to be the engine driving Captain America 3, and as a result, some reports have emerged that Captain America might lead a splinter group of "his own" Avengers by the end of this film -- a move that would clear the path to have more recognizable faces around for Avengers 4, even if most of the lead actors only have one more Avengers on their contract, because not all of them would be on the same "Avengers."

Now...will Hawkeye lead the West Coast Avengers? That's what we all want to know.