Robot Chicken on Wheels?

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, the cult TV show found on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, is hitting the road this summer to promote the upcoming release of Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II on DVD, available July 21st. The show, known for its skewering and riffs on pop culture icons such as Knight Rider and Batman, among many others, will launch a special tour to promote the release, providing fans of the series the chance to meet and roller skate with the creative forces behind the show. Series co-creators Seth Green and Matt Senreich will be traveling the country by bus, stopping at cities such as Denver, Las Vegas and New York along the way to host skate parties promoting both the DVD and the show. Each stop promises live music, competitions and of course roller skating. A "special guest" is promised as well, but details are not fully revealed at this time. For more information, and to see if the show will be coming to a city near you, check out this site!