Rockruff's Evolution, New Ultra Beasts Leaked for Pokemon Sun and Moon

The newest issue of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro leaked early this morning, revealing more new Pokemon and information about Pokemon Sun and Moon. The new issue has two big reveals, one related to the furry dog Pokemon Rockruff, and one related to the mysterious new Ultra Beasts revealed last week.

When Rockruff was revealed several months ago, it was hinted that Rockruff's evolved form had a "secret" separating it from other types of Pokemon. According to CoroCoro, Rockruff's evolution, whose Japanese name is Lugarugan, will have a different look depending on what time of day it is in the game. Lugarugan has a traditional wolf-like look during the day but transforms into a bipedal werewolf-like form at night.

rockruff evolutions
(Photo: The Pokemon Company/CoroCoro)

No further details were given about Lugarugan were given, so it's unknown whether there's any differences between the Pokemon's two forms, or if it's solely an aesthetic change.

CoroCoro also revealed two new Ultra Beasts, powerful new creatures that might not necessarily be Pokemon. Both Pokemon are classified as "UB-02" with the subtitles "Beauty" and "Expansion". UB-02 Beauty is a thin, elegant creature that bares more than a passing similarity to Lusamine, the leader of the supposedly good Aether Foundation. UB-02 Expansion is a muscular creature with a mosquito-like face. Expansion's color scheme is similar to the clothes worn by Gladion, an enforcer for Team Skill.

The new Ultra Beasts' designs seems to support theories that the Ultra Beasts are some sort of human-Pokemon hybrids.

UB-02 Beauty will be exclusive to Pokemon Sun, while UB-02 Expansion will be exclusive to Pokemon Moon.

The new issue of CoroCoro also showed off some new details about the newest Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion. The magazine revealed cards for Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet, the Alolan Starter Pokemon, as well as a card for Snorlax-GX, which shows the sleepy cat Pokemon using its powerful Z-Move.

Finally, the magazine showed the first image from the upcoming season of the Pokemon anime, which will be set in the Alolan region. Ash and Pikachu are shown doing one of the poses related to Z-Moves as a variety of characters from Pokemon Sun and Moon stand in the background. According to the promo image, Ash will travel to the Alolan region to "go to school" and Ash actually looks a bit younger than he does in the current series.

corocoro anime
(Photo: The Pokemon Company/CoroCoro)

Neither Serena nor Clemont are shown in the promo image, which indicates that neither will join Ash in his journey to the Alola Region. They might be replaced by Alolan trial captains Mallow, Sophocles, and Lana, all of whom are seen in the promo image.

The Pokemon Company has promised more information about Pokemon Sun and Moon on September 14th, so we should expect "official" reveals for some of this info later this week.