Rumor: Arnold Schwarzenegger to Play the Villain in Avatar 2


With production set to begin soon on the next pair of Avatar movies, details of what's to come after James Cameron's blockbuster 3D epic is still an almost complete mystery.

Well, Latino Review thinks they've cracked a key element of the next film; the news-and-rumor site is reporting that they've got a source telling them the film's villain will be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former California governor currently filming Expendables 3 with Sylvester Stallone.

Schwarzenegger has worked with Cameron in the past on the Terminator films and True Lies; it's arguable (and Latino Review does argue) that his status as a major international star is due in no small part to those collaborations.

Schwarzenegger is also expected to appear in the next Terminator film, although very little is known about the story and so it's not clear how large or small his role will be.