Savage Dragon: Malcolm Is A Dad On Cover Preview


The April 2016 issue of Savage Dragon will see the birth of Malcolm and Maxine's first child.

The cover of the issue, released today by Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen, features the pair in the hospital, Maxine's feet in the stirrups and a strategically-placed doctor's hand covering the part you don't want to see.

You can check out the cover to Savage Dragon #213, featuring the big moment, below.


Posted by Erik Larsen on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The next issue, Savage Dragon #209, is due in stores the first week in December. That suggests that, barring no scheduling changes, #213 will be in stores in April.

The real-time nature of Savage Dragon means that this isn't the first time the main character has been a dad in the pages of the seires...but last time around, it was Malcolm who was being born. Below, you can check out the cover to Savage Dragon #33, in which Dragon's then-girlfriend Rapture gave birth to Malcolm.


Dragon himself is currently in jail for crimed committed while his mind had been taken over, and Malcolm has stepped up to fill the void his dad left in Chicago's law enforcement community.


When Malcolm was born, his super-powered birth nearly killed Rapture. In the current storyline, Maxine -- a normal human -- has had to rely on technology to keep the fetus from damaging her internal organs before it's born.

Savage Dragon #209 is on sale in three weeks -- and features Malcolm and Maxine's wedding.