Scott Snyder And Jeff Lemire's A.D.: After Death To Get Movie Adaptation

A.D.:After Death, the three-issue graphic novel miniseries from comic book industry greats Scott [...]

A.D.:After Death, the three-issue graphic novel miniseries from comic book industry greats Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire is officially getting a film adaptation!

According to THR, Sony picked up the film rights to AD.: After Death from Image Comics. Josh Bratman is attached to produce the adaptation and both Synder and Lemire will serve as executive producers.

A.D.: After Death just recently hit comic book shelves this past November and quickly gained a lot of attention.

The three book miniseries is set in a dystopian future where a genetic cure for death has been discovered and one man is overly frusterated by his never-ending life.'s own Chase Magnett recently reviewed A.D.:After Death:

Because A.D. After Death is good. In fact, it's very good.

Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire first announced the concept at Image Expo in January 2015 as a short standalone graphic novel, but it has since grown into three 72-page comics. It has been well served by both this expansion and separation. The narrative is every bit as its execution. Taking place in at least three distinct timelines, it tells the story of Jonah Cooke, a thief who helped steal the cure for death and now lives in a dystopian future. The world of his past and present are fascinating, but the story is primarily a character study. While questions about what happened to change the world will stick with readers, what resonates most are Jonah's memories and his relationship to them.

(Photo: Image Comics)

The first installment of A.D. After Death is thoughtfully assembled and carefully crafted. It reflects a unique pair of talents and their differing strengths as a collaborative pair. It pushes the boundaries of mainstream comics without reinventing the wheel. It is accessible and exciting on a surface level, while providing a story that is driven by the creators' personal anxieties and concerns.

Simply put, it's some damn fine comics.

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