Seal it With a Comics Character, Thanks to the US Postal Service

The recently announced stamp honoring humanitarian Mother Teresa will have some interesting company when it is released later this year in August. The United States Postal Service listed Mother Teresa's commemoration along with another interesting group, those based on the Sunday funnies of the newspaper. Debuting in July 2010, the stamps would honor such comic strip and comic book legends as Beetle Bailey, Calvin and Hobbs, Dennis the Menace, Garfield and Archie, Riverdale's most well-known teen! The series, appropriately enough called "Sunday Funnies", will join other new stamps such as those honoring noted actress Katherine Hepburn, being released in May, and another collection honoring the "Cowboys of the Silver Screen", with legends such as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers being shown in their full, motion picture glory. Of course the "Sunday Funnies" collection follows in the footsteps of already released collections of stamps featuring the heroes of the Marvel and DC universes. Get yours this summer!