Silent Bob Has Cameo In Amazing Spider-Man #700

Silent Bob cameo in Amazing Spider-Man #700

Kevin Smith has weighed in on Amazing Spider-Man #700, saying that he believes Peter Parker will be Spider-Man again within a year. While Kevin Smith wasn’t officially involved in the production of Amazing Spider-Man #700, it does appear that he might have some inside information.

On page 6 of Amazing Spider-Man #700, sharp-eyed fans might notice a familiar backside among the customers standing in line at John F. Kennedy airport. In the next line over from the Doctor Octopus controlled Peter Parker is a man wearing a backwards baseball cap, a dark trench coat, black shorts, white socks, and black sneakers.

Yes, none other than Silent Bob, who is played by Kevin Smith, has a cameo in Amazing Spider-Man #700. What is Silent Bob doing at the airport? Could it be that Silent Bob plays some type of secret role in saving Peter Parker? Could Peter Parker’s mind have been shifted into Silent Bob’s body? Or could Silent Bob’s mind have been transferred into Peter Parker’s body, replacing Doctor Octopus’ mind?

Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott has been teasing that he has another trick up his sleeve for Superior Spider-Man #1. Is Silent Bob the Superior Spider-Man? Let the conspiracy theories begin.