Simon Pegg Hints At Ant-Man Role, And People Buy It

Simon Pegg Ant-Man

Hilarious! Simon Pegg set off a flurry of press speculation today, when he posed Vin Diesel-style next to a poster in the Marvel offices.

Pegg actually tweeted out a series of three images in all with the simple text, "Fun at Marvel." The first image showed him next to the Hulk, and the second image showed him holding Thor's hammer. But it was the third image of Pegg slyly pointing to a picture of Ant-Man that created all the ruckus.

Pegg is a friend of and frequent collaborator of Edgar Wright, who is directing the Ant-Man movie. While it's obvious that Pegg wouldn't be booting Chris Hemsworth from the Thor job, it's technically not inconceivable that he might play Ant-Man, who has been described as somewhat of a quirky character.

However, Marvel Digital's executive editorial director Ryan Penagos quickly put an end to what would likely have been weeks of press speculation. In response to a Slashfilm article asking if Simon Pegg was Ant-Man, Penagos tweeted, "Nope! We just had him in the NYC office for a tour and a podcast."

Of course, it probably won't completely end the speculation, as some will likely theorize that Penagos is just trying to cover up Simon Pegg's sneaky reveal.