'Sin City 2' Tabs Oscar Winner Monahan For Script

Pushing on the recent momentum, Frank Miller and Robert Rodriquez have stepped up their game concerning 'Sin City 2.' As in hiring an Oscar winner to work on the screenplay.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, William Monahan, the Academy Award winning writer of 'The Departed,' to mold a draft of the script written by Miller. As most of you know, I'm not a fan of multiple writers on a script, but this is a fantastic move.

Why? Because Monahan's work on 'The Departed' was a true adaptation. The guy knows how to take original material (and in this case, he'll have to take adapted material from the original author) and keep it high quality art. And, by bringing someone else in, this show Miller knows his script needs a little tweaking.

It also shows that Rodriquez and Miller are committed to making this film the best it can be, which is exciting and refreshing. During a film age where it seems like we get crap sequels jammed down our throats, it's frustrating to see quality sequels like 'Sin City 2' take a half decade to even get funding. That's a long time to wait for great material to hit the silver screen, and I'm pumped that Rodriquez and Miller are working to take this film as high as it can go.