Sinestro Joins Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis - Sinestro

Sinestro, leader of the Sinestro Corps., is the latest character to join the champion roster in Infinite Crisis, the free-to-play DC Universe MOBA from Turbine.

In search of perfect order and vengeance upon his enemies, Sinestro's power is fueled by fear. As a Blaster, Sinestro eliminates his enemies by spreading silence and fear to cull the weak. A former mentor to Hal Jordan, he was once a renowned Green Lantern, praised by many. But when Jordan exposed Sinestro's use of oppression and fear to "create order," everything changed. Sinestro was put on trial and banished to the antimatter universe, where he found a new kind of power ring that channeled not Willpower, but Fear. In time, Sinestro would even come to control Parallax, the living embodiment of all fear.

Sinestro is a high-damage, low defense character, so players will need to know how to pick their battles when playing as him. Sinestro's ultimate involves summoning Parallax, the fear entity. You can see these powers in action in the champion profile video, embedded below. Sinestro comes to Infinite Crisis on May 21.

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