Sofia Vergara Cast As Bart's Teacher On The Simpsons

Bart Simpson may have lost Mrs. Krabappel, but it looks like her replacement will be introduced in this season of The Simpsons.

Actress Sofia Vergara is slated to play Bart's new teacher in an upcoming episode--and yes, she'll look just as good as a yellow cartoon character as she does in real-life.

Vergara's character, Mrs. Berrera, will not only capture the affections of Bart, but Principal Skinner as well. "We thought it'd be interesting if both Bart and Skinner have a crush on the same woman," Simpsons Executive Producer Al Jean told Entertainment Weekly. "She feels Skinner is a wounded soul that she wants to take care of. She is a vet like Skinner, and that's his attraction."

And though Vergara is only slated for one episode right now, there's a chance that she could return to the Simpsons later down the line.

"We have a situation where Bart doesn't have a regular teacher," Jean elaborated. "So she may or may not come back." That "situation," of course, is the death of the character Mrs. Krabappel, and her voice actor, Marica Wallace, who passed in 2013.


Vergara will debut in the episode "Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles" during the middle of the Simpsons' upcoming 27th season. The Simpsons premieres September 27 on FOX.

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