Spectacular Zoom Concept For The Flash


The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow conceptual artist Andy Poon has now released his concept art (costume designed by Maya Mani) of the Earth-2 speed-demon known as Zoom (voiced by Tony Todd).

Zoom made a terrifying Earth-1 introduction when he caught The Flash's bolt of lightning and hurdled it back at him, broke Barry's spine, and paraded Barry's limp body around Central City for all to see. One huge mystery still looms: Who is Zoom? We'd be shocked if he doesn't have an Earth-1 counterpart. I'll let you guys do the guessing in the comment section.

If you missed them, you can see Andy's Hawkman and Hawkgirl costume designs by clicking here and here.

Check out Andy's concept art in the image below.


All-out war comes to next week's Winter Finale of The Flash at 8/7c!