Spider-Man Actor Tom Holland Doesn't Know What Captain America: Civil War Is About

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Captain America: Civil War is loosely based on the Marvel event from a decade ago, but not all of the stars of the film are 100% sure of what's going on.

Tom Holland, the young actor who will be Spider-Man in the MCU, isn't quite sure what his role consists of, or so he says. EW caught up with Holland on their radio channel about what Spider-Man's position is in the movie, but the actor said he had no idea what was going on.

"I don't even know what Civil War is about," Holland said during the conversation. "I was only working on it for a week or two weeks or something. So they offered for me to read the script, and I said 'No, I don't want to read it, because I'll be doing all these interviews and I'll end up telling secrets and stuff. I've got such a big mouth.'"

Holland continued that he doesn't know what it's about and planned on experiencing the movie strictly as a fan. "I'm going to watch this film as an audience member, rather than someone who is in it. I'll be like, 'I wonder what my bits are about?'"

So it seems that Holland's Spider-Man truly has an incredibly small role in the film and more of a cameo if anything, as a few outlets have reported before.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6th, 2016.