Star Trek Beyond Opening Day Box Office Is $22.5 Million

(Photo: Paramount)

Star Trek Beyond got off to a strong start on Friday, hauling in $22.5 million in its first full day at the box office. That puts the third installment of the rebooted sci-fi franchise on pace to make somewhere between $55-60 million, well short of the previous two films. The first Star Trek reboot earned over $75 million while Star Trek Into Darkness had a $70 million opening weekend.

Despite the movie's relatively soft performance, Paramount has already announced a fourth Star Trek film, which will bring back Thor actor Chris Hemsworth as James Kirk's father in addition to most of the franchise's cast.

The other new addition to a movie franchise, Ice Age: Collision Course, also had a weak box office haul on Friday night, earning a meager $7.6 million and finishing in third to The Secret Life of Pets, which brought in $8.6 million on its third weekend. The one overperformer in the box office was the horror movie Lights Out, which earned $9.2 million and has already made back its $5 million budget.

Finishing in fifth place is Ghostbusters, which looks to bring in $20 million on its second weekend in theaters.


(via THR)