Star Trek's Original Series Gets Ultimate Blu-Ray Collection For 50th Anniversary

star trek ultimate blu-ray
(Photo: CBS Television Distribution)

It looks like the voyages of the starship Enterprise will be warping towards fans in whole new way. To celebrate the franchise's 50th anniversary, a 30-disc Blu-ray box set is slated to hit shelves on September 6th.

The ultimate collection will include every episode and film which features the original Star Trek crew, and a remastered version of Star Trek's animated series will also be included.

A few exclusive 50th anniversary goodies will also be housed in the collection. An all-new documentary celebrating Star Trek's milestones will be included alongside a recently released Director's Cut of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. Fans will also receive a commemorative Star Trek delta shield pin and six mini-posters created by artist Juan Ortiz.

So far, no pricing information has been released for this collection, but fans are assuming it'll come with a pretty price tag. But, for diehard Trekkies, the cost is of little concern when they've been promised remastered Star Trek episodes.

This year has no doubt been bountiful for fans of the iconic sci-fi franchise. Earlier this summer, the rebooted Star Trek films released its third installment, Star Trek Beyond. And, what's more, a new Star Trek television series was announced by CBS entitled Star Trek Discovery. Many fans are excited about the franchise's resurgence, and with the series' 50th anniversary upon them, the desire to celebrate their Starfleet roots is more pressing than ever.


If you're interested in buying this latest Star Trek bundle, the set is schedule to release later this year on September 6th.