Star Wars Episode VII: George Lucas' Son Talks New Generation & Casting

Star Wars

During a new video interview with Flicks and The City, George Lucas’ adopted son Jett Lucas dropped some hints about future Star Wars episodes. When asked what he would like to see in Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, Jett said, “That’s a tough question to answer, because to tease you guys more, I already know what happens.”

Jett added, “I’m happy with what’s going to happen.” After revealing that he was happy with the direction of the movies, Jett continued, “I would like to see it follow a new generation. I’m not saying that’s what happens. I’m saying that’s what I would like. Because to me these next movies are about the next generation, as the prequels were about a new generation, and the originals were for that generation. So I think following a new generation, and a new group of heroes and villains, I think that’s the right move to make and that’s where I would want it to go.”

In regards to the original cast returning, Jett said, “I think it would be awesome. Who doesn’t want to Han Solo cruise through on the Falcon again? But at the same time, maybe he’s teaching his son how to drive on it.”

As far as Star Wars rumors, Jett said, “There’s been rumors, which I thought were pretty crazy, that some of the actors from Star Trek were going to play in Star Wars, which I know would never happen.” When asked specifically about Benedict Cumberbatch jumping from Star Trek to Star Wars, Jett said, “I don’t know if I would be so thrilled. I think that would be the beginning of the apocalypse to if you were to cross Star Trek with Star Wars. I think that’s a dangerous combination. Again, it would be interesting. It’s an idea to explore if anything.”

When asked if he would like to see Saoirse Ronan in Star Wars Episode VII, Jett said, “I would. I like that they’re not going mainstream with it, and they’re keeping to the conduit if you will that my dad kind of applied to all his movies, except for he couldn’t escape Harrison, but new faces, and I 100% subscribe to that.”