Superman and Wonder Woman's Relationship Is "Going to End Badly"

There are few plot points in comics more divisive than the Superman/Wonder Woman romance. While [...]


There are few plot points in comics more divisive than the Superman/Wonder Woman romance. While some fans have waited for years or decades to see DC seriously explore the plot, others see it as a distraction from other stories that could have more long-term potential, and a hijacking of both characters' personal lives in their solo books to serve the ends of Justice League. And that's to say nothing of the shippers who want the story not only to be explored, but to stay for good--or those who are still upset about the New 52's dissolution of the marriage of Superman and Lois Lane. Well, Geoff Johns has thrown a new wrinkle into the conversation, seemingly suggesting that the relationship could end--badly--during the Trinity War storyline coming up in July. Asked in a Buzzfeed interview whether there's any chance of the super-couple's relationship lasting through the war between three Justice Leagues, Johns answered, "I think the bigger question is will you see any of these characters make it through. The thing about Wonder Woman and Superman is when their relationship ends, it's going to end badly." He added, "There is no good way for this one to end. And then there's other concerns. When those two start acting out together, people get nervous. Not because they don't think they're heroes, but because they have such incredible power, and who could stop those two?" Now, the aspect of Superman and Wonder Woman's romance creating a nigh-unstoppable team that threatens the New 52 is nothing new; they've been beating that drum both in-story and during interviews since the pair got together, and a future version of Booster Gold came along and basically warned his past (our present) self about that very thing in the Justice League International wrap-up annual. But the idea that their messup will be messy? Well, that's just ripe with new storytelling possibilities...