The Avengers is the Best Movie of the Summer

Last week, readers on Next Movie voted that The Dark Knight Rises was the summer's best movie, trouncing Marvel's The Avengers in spite of the fact that the latter has made about $200 million more this summer than its batty competitor. Well, now the tables have turned and the readers of popular movie site Moviefone have gone the other way, with an ongoing poll at the site putting The Avengers just ahead of The Dark Knight Rises as the movie of the summer.

The vote was much closer than Next Movie's, with The Avengers taking in 27.69% of the votes to The Dark Knight Rises' 24.66%, but like Next Movie, the two comic book blockbusters demolished all other competition, with their next closest competitor (The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel) scoring only 5.94% of the total vote. Ted and Hope Springs round out the top five.

While The Dark Knight Rises is the final installment of director Christopher Nolan's critically-acclaimed take on Batman, both The Avengers and Ted have already got sequels greenlit and coming in the next three years. Batman is rumored to be rebooted in time for 2015's planned Justice League feature film.