The Dark Knight Rises: Five Crazy Spinoff Rumors

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Spinoff

While Christopher Nolan has said that he’s done making Batman movies, there continue to be a number of spinoff rumors surfacing in the press about possible continuations of The Dark Knight Rises. Some of these spinoff rumors revolve around new movies starring the characters from the Dark Knight trilogy and other of these rumors involve characters or concepts from The Dark Knight Rises spinning their way into other movies. Do any of these rumors have any validity? Or is it just wishful thinking among those not wanting Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy to be really over?

5. Anne Hathaway In Catwoman Spinoff – Of all the rumors, the possibility of a Catwoman spinoff seems to be the one that has the most likelihood of actually happening. Anne Hathaway has gone on record saying she would love to do a Catwoman spinoff, and director Christopher Nolan has gone on record saying she deserves one.

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Batman In Justice League MovieThis particular rumor hit the Internet by storm a little while ago. Even though most considered it an unlikely scenario, the original report came from a reputable news source. However, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s reps have vehemently denied the rumor. Still, it sort of seemed like Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in every other movie that came out this past summer, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Warner Bros. put him in the Justice League movie.

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt As Batman In Rebooted Batman Movie – This particular rumor is a variation of the whole Justice League movie, but it’s never come from a reputable source. At the end of The Dark Knight Rises, it looked like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new character John Blake was being set up to become the new Batman. Even though Christopher Nolan says he’s done, could another director pick up the torch with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the new Batman?


2. Christopher Nolan As Justice League Movie Producer – At first, Christopher Nolan said he had no involvement in a Justice League project. But lately, he’s changed his answer to just be that he’s done with Batman films. Could that leave the door open for a Justice League movie since it would be a superhero team movie rather than a Batman movie? While most don’t think Nolan will direct or that Christian Bale will return as Batman in a Justice League movie, Nolan could take a producer role like he did with Man of Steel.

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cameo In Man Of Steel – The majority of Dark Knight Rises spinoff always seem to revolve around Joseph Gordon-Levitt. While Christopher Nolan has been pretty clear that his Dark Knight trilogy was in its own universe, there are those still hoping for some type of tie-in with the Man of Steel. Whether appearing as Batman or making a cameo as just an inside joke, there have been persistent rumors that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might pop up in Man of Steel.