"The Dark Knight Rises" Sneak Peek to be in December

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Yes, Warner Bros. studios continues to tease you more and more.  We've already seen leaked images of various shots, Anne Hathaway in a maybe Catwoman costume and much more, but now you will get to actually see a REAL part of the highly-anticipated third film in the current Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, a few months before its 2012 debut.  However, there is a catch.  The film's few minutes will be shown at 70mm IMAX screens before the airing of Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol, another installment in the Tom Cruise-starring film series.   December 16th is the date for the release of Mission: Impossible, a few days before it hits release in general theaters.  It's a clever strategy, as the company did this for the last release, The Dark Knight, by attaching it to a guaranteed hit with the Will Smith as lead I Am Legend.  Whatever is revealed in those first six minutes will surely be rehashed, analyzed and salivated over, leading to next summer's release of the film in its entirety.