The Flash: Confirmation that Harrison Wells Is [SPOILER]

Warning: spoilers ahead from last night's episode of The CW's The Flash.

In last night's episode of The Flash, titled "The Man in the Yellow Suit," Barry Allen and his team finally came face to face with the Reverse-Flash...but were unable to apprehend him.

The villain got away with a device able to manipulate tachyons -- a device that ended up in the hands of Harrison Wells at the end of the episode, where he attached it to the chest of a Reverse Flash costume hidden away in his secret room.

There was some speculation that he might not actually be the Reverse-Flash, but be working with him, even though he used a voice distortion similar to that of the Reverse-Flash (or, for that matter, Barry himself).

In case there was any doubt, though, a Redditor has taken a couple of screen grabs that confirm that, yes, Wells indeed appears to have super speed: between the image above and the one below, taken in the same scene in the span of a minute or so, the cuts and bruises on his face heal significantly.


Of course, it's assumed that quite a bit of time passed between when the team fought the Reverse-Flash and when Wells got enough time alone to head to his why did the cuts and bruises remain so long?

There are a few ideas out there: first of all, it could plausibly be that he was drawing speed force from the costume or the tachyon device somehow. That's a fan theory used to justify that position that Wells is not, in fact, the Reverse-Flash.

We haven't been totally convinced ourselves, but The Hollywood Reporter did claim it was unequivocal when they interviewed showrunner Andrew Kreisberg last night.

Of course, that was just in the reporting and Kreisberg himself said no such thing. We reached out to The CW for confirmation and got a "no comment" response.

Whatever the case, it seems extremely likely given the evidence in front of us that Tom Cavanagh is indeed playing the Reverse Flash. Which Reverse Flash is still up for debate...and there will continue to be debate among those who have convinced themselves of one argument or another until it's laid out somewhat more clearly on the show.

But, whoever he is, he's got speed.


Which leads us to the other reason he might not have healed: if he's Savitar or some other person who has a deep connection to the Speed Force (or even just an older Reverse Flash with more years under his belt), it's distinctly possible he could have slowed his own metabolism to "fake" remaining injured so as not to blow his secret. This is the same idea that we had about Eddie Thawne when he was shot by the Clock King and nearly bled out, in spite of the fact that he's another generally accepted suspect to be Zoom.

The Flash returns in January on The CW.