The Flash Gets A Star Wars: The Force Awakens Style Fan Poster

(Photo: Bosslogic)

Our pal Bosslogic is at it again with his fan renderings. This time, though, he's not doing fancasting and mashing up an actor with a character, rather mashing up properties. His newest work is a poster for The Flash with the subtitle "The Speed Force Awakens." Yeah, it's a riff off that poster.


The Speed Force Awakens - non cropped version on my twitter

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The poster takes its cues from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, replacing Kylo Ren with Zoom, Rey with The Flash, Finn with Jay Garrick, and, perhaps most naturally, Han Solo with Cisco. Check out the full-size version on Bosslogic's Twitter - or just look at Grant Gustin's because he retweeted it, too.