The Flash Season 2 Will Introduce More Speedsters & A Bunch More Villains


The ink on season one of The Flash hasn't even dried yet and executive producer Andrew Kreisberg is already teasing what's to come in season two.

"We are going to introduce a few more speedsters next year and a bunch more villains," Kreisberg revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. "How they and those villains come about is part of the surprise of season two. We're really excited. [Executive producer] Greg [Berlanti] and myself and [executive producer] Geoff Johns and the writers, the cast, the crew, the directors — we are so proud of this season of television. It really is a high mark for all of us and we feel a great deal of pressure and anxiety to live up to it, because it's been so well received. As proud as excited as we are about everything we've done this year, we really are just as proud and excited for all the things we are planning coming up and hopefully people will continue to take this ride with us."

This season our speedsters were The Flash/Barry Allen and Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne, but next season will bring in even more meta-humans capable of tapping into the mysterious Speed Force. Who will they be? These speedsters could be anyone, like  Wally West, Jay Garrick, Johnny Quick, Max Mercury, Bart Allen or Jesse Chambers.


The Flash season 2 will premiere this fall.