The Sure-Fire Way To Get Pikachu As A Starter In Pokemon GO

Pokemon Pikachu
(Photo: Pokemon GO)

Pokemon GO is a definite work in progress, but while fans wait for the game to get back up and running, people who haven't already started the game now have a chance to grab a fan-favorite Pokemon as their starter.

Courtesy of Polygon, there is indeed a fourth option available when you begin your Pokemon catching quest, but it will take a bit of patience and time to get him to show up. The Pokemon in question is the incredibly popular Pikachu, and here's how you get him.

At the beginning of the game players will have to choose one of three starting Pokemon, which include stalwarts Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur (for me it was Squirtle hands down).

Screenshot 20160708-140330.0
(Photo: Pokemon GO / Polygon)

Typically you would catch the one you prefer and then be on your way. If you ignore those three Pokemon simply by walking in the other direction, though, they will disappear. Eventually, they will reappear again in front of you, requiring you to yet again walk in the other direction. You'll need to repeat this process four times, but after they disappear for the fourth time, they will again reappear with a fourth Pokemon alongside them, which will be Pikachu.


Once the cute little guy appears, you can go and catch him just like any of the other Pokemon, and now you'll have him for the rest of the game. According to Polygon, the whole ordeal took about 40 minutes and a lot of aimless walking around, but if you love yourself some Pikachu, I imagine the time spent will be worth it in the end.