The Walking Dead Cast On Which Characters They Would Bring Back

Alright, it's no secret, we're all just like Lori in the sense that we think about Shane too much.

But what about the actual cast of The Walking Dead? Do they wish to have seen more of Shane on the AMC zombie smashing hit or is there a different character they would like to have seen more of? The cast members and producers sat down with MTV at San Diego Comic Con last week and jointly fantasized about which characters they miss the most.

Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha admits she was a huge fan of Shane Walsh before she was even a part of the series. "He's gonna be a really awesome Frank Castle, though," according to Gale Anne Hurd, The Walking Dead's executive producer (and she's probably not wrong), referring to Jon Bernthal's casting as The Punisher for Daredevil's second season on Netflix.

Shane isn't the only character the cast members miss, though. "It would be interesting to have Lori still a part of the equation," said Greg Nicotero, adding "I always thought it would be interesting to see where that went and if the baby was born and if it would've been Shane's."

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, agreed with Nicotero. "I thought there was a lot of unmined territory with that love triangle and the repercussions, as well," he says.

Although there was no love for Tyreese or Bob, the other two major moral compasses of the show, Hershel and Dale, were both mentioned by Steven Yeun who plays Glenn. It makes sense Yeun would choose either of those two characters considering his character was largely effected by each, calling them, "his professors, his teachers."

Did Norman Reedus drop a spoiler, though? Towards the end of the video, viewers will finally notice him laying his head on Melissa Mcbride's lap as he bursts out with, "Glenn." Lincoln is either shocked by Reedus dropping a season six spoiler or playing along as Danai Gurira and McBride laugh. Nicotero even corrected Reedus, saying, "Glenn is still alive on the show," so maybe Reedus was referring to the comics.

Judge for yourself in the video below.

The Walking Dead returns October 11 on AMC.