The Walking Dead: Michael Rooker Explains How Merle Survived On The Rooftop

Michael Rooker

During Season 1 of The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker’s character Merle was left handcuffed to a drainpipe on a roof. Of course, Walking Dead fans know that Merle escaped from being handcuffed by cutting off his hand with a hacksaw (as the blade was too dull to cut through the handcuffs).

Merle reappeared during Season 3 of The Walking Dead, but the mystery remained of how he got off the roof and escaped the walkers after he cut off his hand. In an appearance at the Wizard World Ohio Comic Con, Rooker was asked exactly how Merle got off that rooftop.

“Watch it again,” said Rooker. “There’s a blood trail. Watch where the blood trail goes. It goes down to the next floor. It goes down—I kill a couple zombies on my way out. Caught a ride with the moon. Then, you see that I shimmied down the drain pipe--one handed. Well, I had two feet too.”