The Walking Dead's Sophia Has Grown Up Quite A Bit


Ask any fan of The Walking Dead about the show's craziest moments and almost every one of them will tell you, "When Sophia walked out of the barn." In fact, I just got a text from a friend the other day who is catching up on the series, where he was completely mind blown by the moment and it completely took me back to season two and why The Walking Dead is such a great show.

Remember that little girl? That little tiny Sophia who carried a teddy bear around and broke all of our hearts when she walked out? Well, she's not so little anymore.

Madison Lintz, who played Sophia for the season-and-a-half run she was provided on AMC's zombie hit, has sprouted to say the least. Having booked the role on The Walking Dead at the age of ten, shooting season one at eleven, and walking out of the barn at twelve, she grew a few inches then and since, now being sixteen. I'm estimating here, but standing at 6' 3" next to the sixteen year old girl, she must be about 5-foot-10 now!

We caught up with Lintz at Walker Stalker Con to talk about the epic scene from The Walking Dead's season two midseason finale, but also to find out how life has been since shedding the zombie make-up.

Lintz is currently working on Bosch, a series available on Amazon Instant Video. The second season will be available in January.

"They wanted a big bang for the season finale," Lintz says of her final episode. "About a month beforehand, Gale Anne Hurd, who is one of the producers of the show called my mom and told us. It was sad. I love everybody in the cast and everybody in the crew and it was so much fun to work on."


"It was kind of disgusting to be a zombie," Lintz admits, but, "It was fun, though."

"[Sophia] lives on in the comics, so I'm happy with that," Lintz concluded.